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Business owners are often confused about which lactation laws apply to them, and how they can reduce the risk of employee moms leaving after the birth of a baby.

A clear strategy and lactation-friendly culture has many benefits: lower healthcare costs for mothers and babies, fewer absences, and better staff engagement.

Companies with a supportive workplace and a flexible & equitable culture see a rise in employee satisfaction and retention, as well as fewer instances of lawsuits and public relations nightmares.

We want every business owner to know about lactation laws and how to make sure they are offering employees accommodations that improve their company’s community impact.

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LaConte Consulting is a female-owned consulting firm that provides workplace equity strategy and risk mitigation services, with a focus on lactation law compliance & policy development.

Founder and working mother advocate Grace LaConte is a mother of 3 (all born at home and breastfed), writer, and speaker.


Whether you have 15 employees or thousands, we can help you develop a solution that will:

  • fulfill all legal requirements,
  • mitigate risk to your reputation,
  • reduce employee turnover, and
  • gives you more impact in making a difference for the community.

Information About Lactation Laws

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What Does Washington Law Say About Lactation at Work?

Washington Law: Expression of Breast Milk in the Workplace–Reasonable Accommodation On July 28, 2019, Governor Jay Inslee signed an amendment to a law that requires employers in Washington State to allow employees to pump breast milk at work. In this article, we will examine the changes and discuss the impact this will have on businesses.

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