What People Say About Breastfeeding at Work (Spoiler Alert: They Support It!)

A recent survey of over 4,000 respondents reveals increasing support for breastfeeding, paid maternity leave, and employer incentives.

Here is a summary of the findings, as well as my comments on trends we’re seeing in breastfeeding support and equitable workplace accommodations.

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Workplace Accommodations in the News: February 2020

Breastfeeding bans and weak legislation.
Infant-friendly policies in the US, UK, India, and Nigeria.
Nursing while battling infectious disease.
Birth inequality and institutional racism in minority communities.

Many stories about family-friendly accommodations have been in the news this past month.

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What Does Washington Law Say About Lactation at Work?

Washington Law: Expression of Breast Milk in the Workplace–Reasonable Accommodation

On July 28, 2019, Governor Jay Inslee signed an amendment to a law that requires employers in Washington State to allow employees to pump breast milk at work.

In this article, we will examine the changes and discuss the impact this will have on businesses.